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Design Management

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Design management

Glass is one of the most varied, cost as well as energy efficient materials to be used on constructions, in architectural solutions indoors and outdoors. Rakla works in close co-operation with architects, design agencies and construction companies. For years we have supplied glass products for major constructions and to different kinds of glass cladding projects. Also various design elements, for example in elevators and in public areas, our durable and challenging design solutions have been befitting.

The ceramic colour surfaces on the glasses are made with Raklas advanced digital printing technology, or with silk printing or by using special background painting technology. After the design has been worked, it’ll be either heat treated or tempered in high temperatures, which results in a durable ceramic surface.

These design technologies open new unlimited possibilities to create new, distinguishable and revolutionary architectural solutions. The digitally printed ceramic glass surfaces allow to refresh and/or retain the architectural style of for example a cityscape. It also makes it possible to update existing buildings.

Rakla has multi-purpose glasses that are energy efficient. They can also have fire-resistance, noise insulation, object and personnel protection, a self-cleaning system besides advanced architectural design solutions. A number of traditional building materials can be replaced with glass products for example to allow the daylight into an area and to open up a new visual connection.

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