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Insulating glasses

Insulating glass

Insulating glass is made up of two or more glass sheets, in which the areas formed by glass sheets and banding are air-sealed with elastic paste. The glass structure, that allows the penetration of light, insulates heat. By using various glass qualities as part of the element, with different gasses, grids or blinds in the middle area it’s possible to create special features for the glass element.

Rakla Tampere Oy builds specialty glasses with 2k and 3k structures. The edges of the insulation glasses are sharp edge grinded (TSH).

Also laminated, tempered and printed glasses can be assembled to the insulation glasses. Rakla Tampere Oy also constructs facade elements, called SG (Structural Glassing), where a visible profile build is not needed.

The maximum size for insulating glasses is 4500×3210 millimeters.

The standard SFS-EN-1279 defines the properties of insulating glasses.

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