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Non-fogging glass

Fogging on the outer side is a natural process, which occurs when the surface temperature of the window drops under the outside weather’s dew point. In anti-condensation glass, or non-fogging glass, a thin transparent pyrolytic layer is on the outer side. It keeps the outside glass’s surface temperature higher and thus minimizes fogging of the glass.

For this purpose Rakla has Pilkington Anti-condensation Glass, which is available in different thicknesses. It’s easy to work and treat, and it can be laminated, bent and combined with insulation glass structures allowing the usage of many types of window solutions.

Legislation and markets demand a lower U value for insulation glasses, which causes the outer window fogging to be a growing and unfortunate phenomenon. The window structures are becoming denser. The market for better performing insulation glasses is growing. In such structures the U value gets lower which in turn leads to fogging of the outer glass in some cases. Anticondensation glass minimizes the outer fogging in window solutions that are well insulated, and it keeps the windows clearer for longer in situations where fogging occurs.

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