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Rakla Digi Print®

Rockheim Pop and Rock Museum in Trondheim, Norway

Rakla Digi Print® glasses for facades. Digi Print® glasses are always tempered safety glass, so they are well suited for facades. Its colours have a good resistance to UV radiation.

Using digital printing multicolour prints can be made directly from an image file to the glass surface without a silk-pressing tool. The colouring is a ceramic colour which is burned to the glass surface in the tempering process. The colour doesn’t need for example a laminate sheet for protection. The colours are weather and UV light proof and the colours can’t be scratched off the surface. Digital printing is by its properties like silk-pressed glass.

Digital printing suits individual pieces as well as large complexes, especially in situations when the graphical theme changes from glass to glass, in which ordinary silk-pressing would require multiple silk pressing tools. Digitally printed glass is always also tempered safety glass. It can be laminated and it can be compiled as insulating glass.

Download material instructions here

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