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Rakla is a professional on glass industry. We offer innovative glass solutions to our customers. We process glass to construction industry to be used on building facades, also in interior design. We’re constantly bringing new quality products and solutions to meet the needs of builders. The Design management operations, especially when it comes to digitally printed facade glasses, is an important area of expertise for us. We want to work as a trendsetter, or a forerunner of sort, for our customers.

One of our strengths is the wide selection of products. We tailor products for your needs. From us you can find tempered (also heat soak tested) and laminated glasses, Pyroclear®, Pyrostop® and Pyrodur® fire-resistant glasses, as well as float glasses, mirrors, sound insulation and sun protection glasses. Silk printed and digital print glasses, and background painted glasses are important parts of our product portfolio. We compile heat insulating glasses on our production lines based on the requirements that our client has set for the sizes etc., as well as special glass elements based on special dimensions.

When our customers can centralize their acquisitions to the same place, they can save on purchases and ease the logistical challenges which are common in construction business. From us the client gets products to the right place and on the right time. To us it’s a point of honor to deliver on time.

Please see our products and contact us if you wish to have more details of them.

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