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Laminated-tempered safety glass

By tempering the glass its mechanical strength can be increased and if the glass breaks, it’ll break into small crumbles.

When the tempered glass breaks, the small crumbles, or pieces, won’t harm humans. If the tempered glass is laminated as well, the glass pieces will stay attached to the laminate film. This helps prevent injuries.

A laminated and tempered glass is used on facades, railings, doors and windows. More detailed specifications can be found for example in the Finnish Rakentamismääräyskokoelmat document, and more precisely under the part titled Käyttöturvallisuus, F2.

Typical places of use are railing glasses where the glass elements are secured in a point-like manner. A high strength capacity is needed because of the way the glass is attached, and laminating is needed to protect the elements from falling. As a design requirement both glasses must individually withstand the load.

Rakla Paint Glass® can be laminated with other glass types and two different colours can be combined so that for example one side appears green and the other side gray. In this way different solutions can be built with a RAL colour chart.

We laminate several kinds of combinations, starting from 4.4 millimeters all the way up to 40 millimeters depending on the needs of the client.

  • Minimum dimensions 100×260 millimeters
  • Maximum dimensions 2100×3600 millimeters

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