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Pilkington Pyroclear®

New Pyroclear® fire-resistant safety glass (E30) added to the fire rating

Pyroclear® fills the tightness, or consistency requirements of E class fire-resistant safety glasses. It prevents flames and combustion gasses as well as smoke from spreading for 30 minutes in properly built structures. It meets all the high quality standards that are set for fire-resistant safety glasses of the E30 fire rating. In the case of a fire the surface temperatures heat intensity rises near the glass surface to the level of 40 kW per square meter. A multi-year extensive R & D work stands as the basis that this tempered specialty glass fills the E30 fire ratings requirements. Because the glass is tempered fire-resistant safety glass, it also acts as plain safety glass. When a fire continues to spread, Pyroclear® remains a clear fire-resistant glass. It is also available as laminated, digi-printed, silk-printed and also as a sandblasted version. Pyroclear® supplements the high quality fire protection glasses Pyrostop® and Pyrodur®.

Properties and technology

  • Required edge cover is 13 millimeters and glassing tolerance +2/-3 millimeters, suits common frame structures.
  • Excellent optical quality.
  • Unique and innovative edge treatment.
  • Reliable fire-resistant safety glass properties, thanks to the treatment of the glass’ edges.
  • The edges are sheltered with special purpose tapes.

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